Supershooter 2

Eingebaute Kanäle befördern den Puck zurück zum Spieler.

The pucks return directly through the custom-formed chutes.

The Supershooter2® is a patented hockey shot training goal, which returns pucks directly to the shooter by the specially designed curvature of its synthetic chutes. In this way, experienced players can reach up to 300 shots in 20 minutes.

With the Supershooter2® the player works on quick receiving and delivery skills each and every shot.

Realistic Practicing

The SuperShooter2 in use (Link to video)

Nowadays ice hockey is becoming faster and faster, so that it is difficult for players to practice realistic game situations.

The Supershooter2® solves this problem.

By using the innovative training system the player learns to react quickly and adequately to incoming pucks in various game situations. The trained reflexes and the improved handling guarantee success in the game!

The returning pucks motivate the player to control them as fast as possible and to hit the target again. This results in a permanent sequence of targeted shots and quick puck control.

Technical Overview

The high shot sequence trains the reflexes. (Link to the video).

The Supershooter2® is made of special materials and designed to take over 100.000 shots per month.

The frame is made of lacquered steel. The chutes and the panel are made of durable LDPE plastic, which are guaranteed to function smoothly for years. Moreover, it is not necessary to change the net of the goal after intense trainings, which helps to save money.

The Supershooter2® was produced for hockey clubs and ice rinks, wishing to provide an ideal training environment for their players. Due to its low space requirements (less than 30m²) the Supershooter2® is also suitable for private use.

The Supershooter2® can be used both on ice and on synthetic ice, so it is the perfect addition to our synthetic ice rink by ART-ICE to ensure intensive and effective practicing even in summer.

   Download Flyer / Specifications (de.)
   Download Flyer / Specifications (engl.)
   SuperShooter2® Postcard (engl.)
   How to use the Supershooter2 (engl.)


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