Fresh & Clean

Fresh & Clean : Guarantee for freshness

The smellkilller for your sport equipment with flexible spray tube.

Every ice hockey player knows the problem: You sit in the locker room to prepare yourself for the upcoming training session. The moment you open your sports bag you can already smell the intense and disgusting odour of the sport equipment and you are not keen on putting the sweaty stuff on. Many parts of your equipment like the helmet, gloves or skates are not suitable to put them in the washing machine and therefore it’s complicated to clean them properly. If you are tired of putting on your stinky hockey equipment, then you should try the Fresh&Clean spray!

The Fresh&Clean spray is a mixture of disinfecting parts in an alcoholic solution with ammonium, salts and flavouring preparations. One spray contains 400 ml of this mixture. Thanks to it’s special formula the spray has a strongly disinfecting effect and keeps your sport equipment fresh and free of bacteria and fungus.

Fresh&Clean fights bacteria and bad odour within 5 minutes. The effect is long-lasting and provides a pleaseant, fresh scent. It helps to disinfect skates, helmets and other articles of clothing of diffrent types of material and fights bacteria and fungus which can spread over your clothing. 

Furthermore, it is very easy to handle. To treat extensive surfaces like those on helmets or protectors you position the spray approx. 20 cm from the object and spray uniformly onto it.

For exact and punctual use  – for example the inside of skates – you put on the provided spray tube and spray precisely on the corresponding area.


Flexible use – with or without spray tube


  • Quick desinfection and odour reduction
  • pleseant scent (ocean breeze)
  • effective against mould and bacteria 
  • prevents reconstitution of mould and bacteria

Application and instructions for use

  • Fresh & Clean is for treatment of helmets, skates etc.
  • Do not spray the product directly on your skin
  • Press the spray button approx. 1-2 second until slight mist appears
  • After using the product on your sport equipment you should wait approx. 20 minutes until you wear it again
  • The product satisfies the requirements of EG Nr. 1451/2007. Reg.Nr.:N-52335

Exposure time of Fresh& Clean to eliminate bacteria (at a temperature of 20°C): bakcerium Staphylokokkus Aurea: 5 min., Streptokokkus Faecalis: 5 min., Escherichia Coli: 5 min., mould (Candida Albicans): 5 min., Aspergilus Niger: 30-60 min.

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