Advantages of synthetic ice

Tormanntraining auf Kunststoff-Eis

Goalkeeper training on synthetic ice

Endless winter! Synthetic ice offers all ice sports lovers the possibility to practice their sport not just on artificial ice and in winter , but in summer also. This makes possible new prospects for communities, clubs and committed athletes.

Advantages for athletes

Ice sport can’t evolve properly, as long as it can only be performed in the cold winter months. That’s why ice hockey and figure skating have remained marginal sports with little room for evolution – until now.

With the new synthetic ice, these are problems of the past. With our product athletes have the following advantages:

  • Regular training, independent of the weather
  • No forced summer breaks
  • No training deficit at the beginning of the winter season
  • No loss of skills or quality
  • Training advantages over seasonal players

Advantages for municipalities and private providers

The synthetic ice provides access to ice sport to a broad public. In some areas leisure, such activities may be limited due to weather conditions, costs or just a lack of infrastructure.

Eislaufangebot auch im Sommer

Ice skating also in summer

Using synthetic ice, these problems can be solved easily. A synthetic ice rink offers a range of advantages to the operator:

  • As a crowd magnet it increases the attractiveness of shopping malls, Christmas markets etc.
  • It provides for an interesting addition to the infrastructure of regions or municipalities
  • Synthetic ice extends the season – more ice time in fall and autumn compared to conventional ice rinks
  • Synthetic ice reduces operational costs as it does not require expensive cooling
  • Synthetic ice can be cleaned easily – no complex maintenance measures are required
  • The installation of a synthetic ice rink barely requires preparation time or the use of tools


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